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Wireless Internet Services

Eastcoast IT is an authorised agent for Duxtel Wireless Hotspots.

These reliable and user friendly systems provide an excellent solution for cafés, hotels, motels, B&Bs, holiday units, caravan parks, newsagencies and many other businesses.

When a visitor arrives with a laptop, their built in wireless network connection will automatically connect to the hostspot. After opening their web browser, the user is greeted by a branded home page, asking them to purchase a ticket, which they can do immediately online by credit card. These can also be printed and sold over the counter if you wish.

Once the ticket is purchased, the user is provided a user name and password and can use the service. You, the proprietor are automatically credited with the purchase and this is reflected in your account.

A comprehensive account and ticket management system is provided with the hotspot hardware, allowing you to monitor usage.

For more details, or to discuss implementation for your business, please contact our office.